Virtual Program

ECIS 2020 & The 2020 AIS Virtual Conference Series

The 1st Virtual ECIS Conference includes:

  • Welcome Keynote Session

  • 28 Tracks

  • 4 Panels

  • 303 Paper Presentation and Discussions

  • Award Ceremony

  • Evaluation And Closing Session.

All the papers are now published in the AIS Electronic Library (AISeL), Click Here

Paper presentations will have different formats depending on the track, but are in general synchronous and take place via Goto meeting. Each presenter has been invited to pre-record a 08 to 10 minutes presentation video that was uploaded in the AIS library alongside their papers.

Participants can watch the video and read the paper before sessions and will discuss papers with the authors during the online conference. More time will be devoted to discussions.

To create and share a pre-recorded video of your paper presentation, click here. For more information, read the following instructions.

Welcome & Keynote, Panels, and Evaluation & Closing Sessions will be synchronous and take place via Goto Webinar.

Preparation TIPS for ECIS2020 Virtual Conference

The primary platforms the virtual conference will use are:

AIS eLibrary

In preparation for the conference, here are a few TIPS to better ensure you have a great virtualconference experience.  More TIPS and information will be provided as the conference dates draw closer:

  • Perform a GoTo Meeting Systems Tech Check
  • Confirm that your AIS Membership does not expire prior to the conference dates.
  • Have your AIS ID and Passwords for and the AIS eLibrary easily accessible during the conference days.
  • Confirm that you’re able to download papers and view videos in the AIS eLibrary.  Here is an example of an ECIS paper and video
  • The ECIS2020 Conference App is powered by Crowd Compass (available on June 8th, 2020).